Sources Concierge: Not All Angels Have Wings

Imagine this: waking up one day, and being unable to carry out everyday tasks such as cleaning your home, taking out the garbage, and even preparing your own meals. Now imagine this: this is the reality for more than half of Canada’s senior population due to a higher prevalence of long-term conditions and/or health problems (source). Or maybe you don’t even have to imagine this – this is just something you encounter (regardless of age and/or health) due to loaded schedules, deadlines that need to be met, or just the circumstances life hands your way.

Sources Community Resource Centres launched its Concierge Services program in 2010 to provide an alternative for busy people, families, single-parent households, and seniors. Known for thoroughly completing assigned tasks, Sources Concierge Services has been commended for effectively tailoring its services towards individual needs, and being an accessible and reliable organization. In addition to being “diversified and unique,” business development manager Lynn Sanderson adds that “one phone call provides access to helpful and timely services.”

You there may be reading this and thinking: sure, these services sound excellent, but what makes Sources Concierge so different from other concierge and house cleaning services? Why does it stand out? Well, on top of the qualities mentioned above, Sources Concierge Services is a social enterprise that dedicates itself to promoting social wellness in the community. How? Indeed, this is reflected in the well-being of those receiving Sources Concierge’s services; but it is also imperative to know that the net profits incurred through this enterprise go directly to help fund programs at Sources Women’s Place.

Considering how a majority of Sources Concierge Services clientele are from the senior community, let us turn our attention to the story of an individual who used the service. It was recently BC Senior’s Week, and what better way to celebrate and acknowledge our senior community than listening to one member’s experience…

A combination of recovering from an operation and with a son residing far away in Florida made for some precarious living conditions for 92-year-old Margaret [pseudonym]. As such, Margaret reached out to Sources Concierge for assistance and discovered that the service not only paved her a smooth road to recovery, but ensured that she was mentally and physically content. Dropping by Margaret’s home three days a week, the Sources Concierge team’s actions reflected how they truly and continuously prioritized their clienteles’ health, happiness and safety in a personalized manner. From cleaning Margaret’s home and taking out the garbage in order to provide a comfortable living space; to prepping her meals to make certain she was keeping healthy and fed; to even taking her shopping, simply to ensure her well-being – those were just some ways that Sources Concierge Services cared for Margaret.

After making a full recovery from her operation, Margaret ended her membership with Sources Concierge. Regardless, she says that she will reach out to SOURCES after her next operation. In the meantime, Sources Concierge Services is always here to make Margaret’s life – and all clienteles’ lives – manageable, organized and healthy. As Margaret’s son said to us: Sources Concierge Service’s staff team are “her guardian angels.”

Not all heroes wear capes, and not angels have wings. Sometimes, they’re just wearing a SOURCES BC shirt, and living up to and promoting SOURCES’ very mission: Social Wellness in our Community.


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