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Access to Legal Services

  • Provided legal services to 857 women last year through the following services:
    • Helped women access courts to obtain protection orders
    • Found safe housing for women and their children
    • Worked with Sources programs and other community agencies to ensure victims have counselling, housing, income and legal supports.
  • Provided legal services to 328 women in Punjabi and Hindi. Without our program they would not be able to obtain legal information and support in their language.
  • Worked with settlement program to provide services to women from many other diverse backgrounds

Domestic Violence
domestic violence 1


  • Women need to be able to access appropriate supports in order to flee domestic violence
  • Women from other cultures may face additional barriers when they are trying to flee domestic violence (culture, extended family, role expectations, immigration status, etc.)


  • Due to limited access to legal aid, many clients self-represent in family court.
  • Current program funding cannot keep up with the high demand for legal services by individuals who have exhausted other means.

Access to Justice in Family Law


“There is an extremely strong sense of community and caring among the lunch participants.  Often participants offer a caring ear for someone that is facing challenges.  I like it when people give me a sisterly hug of appreciation.  Some volunteer cooks know and welcome participants by name which expands the sense of community.”

“Thanks for your hot lunch and clothing services, it has been a great help for me. I do not know about other similar services and I think that you are providing with such a wonderful service for women in need! Thanks a lot!”

“I have no money for food, just for rent. Without the hot lunch I do not eat. Thank you so much for you services. I don’t know what I would have done, after my husband died; for food, clothing, and courses taken here.”

 “Having lunch has helped me to gain much needed weight! I am so grateful to Women’s Place as it has helped me in a lot of ways. I feel that I am not alone and always have a place to come to when I need to be around others. Thank you!”

“I was new to White Rock and Women’s Place helped me settle and provided safety and companionship. Providing safety is very important for all of us. We are provided for, thank you! Best in show. Women’s Place should be in every community. I am on a disability pension and a good lunch twice a week provided for me when it’s hard to make ends meet. I appreciate the space, the garden, the women, the workshops (I’ve done most), the clothing annex, and the lunch ladies, who provide wonderful meals. Thank you.”

“As a single mom on welfare, this has helped me a lot, financially and community wise. I thank this place a lot with what they do. God bless you.”

“I believe that this is a good service for people who cannot get regular meals.”

Below is a list of our programs geared to helping families and children within our community: