Support Young People’s Mental Health

In 2019, Sources Counselling Services launched a new program to address the barriers to accessing quality counselling services for young people between the ages of 15 and 25:

Through DiscoverY [discover-WHY], youth and young adults can receive up to 8 free counselling sessions with a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Our goal is to help young people to build resilience and explore new ways of communicating, coping, and relating with both themselves as well as with the world around them.

We are continuously fundraising to keep DiscoverY available and flexible. Your gift will help connect a young person, who might otherwise not be eligible for funded services in the community, with mental health counselling that is easy to access.

Donations help us keep our services at no cost to clients, with no barriers and no referrals required. Donate to DiscoverY using the form below: