Enchanted Gala Sponsor Tale: Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd.

If business is going well, then it’s only right to share that wealth to help those less fortunate. That’s part of what it means to be a good corporate citizen, according to John Devries, Vice President of Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd. (Blue Pine).

“It’s important to me and everyone in our organization. We’ve been involved in the Surrey community doing public work and work with other major contracts for close to two decades. We’ve enjoyed growth here and believe that being a good community member means supporting causes like SOURCES.”

Blue Pine has been sponsoring the Sources Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Gala at the Gold level for the past three years. They contributed $5,000 to the 2017 Blanc et Noir Gala; $5,000 to the 2018 Like A Rock Gala; and $5,000 to the 2019 Enchanted Gala. Each year, the Gala has been able to surpass its fundraising goals, thanks to Blue Pines’ generous support.

The proceeds from the Gala have helped fund vital programs and services that do not typically receive government aid and rely entirely on community support. These include SOURCES’ Homelessness Prevention Services, Women’s Place, the White Rock/South Surrey Food Bank, and volunteer-based services such as Shop-By-Phone, Hospital-to-Home, Income Tax Clinic, and more.

“Being a business in a city is more than just showing up and doing a project here and there. It’s having a presence in all aspects of the community,” Devries said.

“The fact that I have a job and have the capacity to do what I do every day is a blessing. If we can flow that through to other people who need help or a leg up, then that’s what we want to do. SOURCES does important work. We’re happy to support you.”

Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd. is a construction landscaping company headquartered in the City of Surrey. Since 2000, they have built up a reputation as professional industry leaders. Their services include: Commercial Landscaping, Artificial Grass, Green Roofing, Fencing & Gates, Retaining Walls, Paving Stones, Irrigation & Lighting, Erosion Control, Residential Landscaping, and Snow Clearing.

“We do a lot of different jobs with different organizations throughout the city every year. Various road widening projects, building walls, planting trees, landscaping boulevards … and we believe in the importance of giving back,” Devries said.

Thank you so much to Blue Pine for your generous support – you help promote social wellness for our community.

Learn more about Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd. on their website: https://www.bluepineenterprises.com