“Feasts for Friends” hope to raise funds and awareness for Food Banks

A group of White Rock neighbours are turning a regular dinner party into a fundraising event for the Sources White Rock/South Surrey Food Bank, and hoping others will be inspired to do the same. 

The group have named their initiative Feasts for Friends. “We are rallying people in our city to host dinner parties of their own, ask the attendees for donations to their local food banks, and pass this new tradition along to others in their communities,” their website states.

At the Victoria Terrace condominium building, residents are having their potluck party on February 9 and asking attending neighbours to make a $20 donation (or more) to our local food bank.

Dinner parties are usually fun! When you gather your friends together to share food and drink, good conversation and laughs, why not choose the opportunity to give during this occasion too?

How To Get Involved:

  1. Contact your local Food Bank and tell them what you’d like to do
  2. Get a space or multiple spaces to host for the evening. Homes and apartments work well.
  3. Send out invites for February 9th, and make sure people bring food and $20 (or more) each.
  4. Ask your friends to spread the word so you can raise as much as you can.

Have questions? Please contact Feast for Friends at feastsforfriendsorg@gmail.com