insideOUT(standing) Art Show & Auction

This October marks the 19th annual Community Living Month. As we recognize the significant contributions of peoples with diverse and unique abilities, SOURCES got a head start on Community Living Month in September with our launch of insideOUT.

insideOUT is a new fundraising initiative founded by Sources Infant Development Program (IDP) Manager, Yvonne Adebar. The art show and auction was launched on September 14, 2017 at Turnbull Gallery. Proceeds raised from the event will be used to provide experiences of self-expression and creativity for SOURCES clients.

“While I was looking at the different types of events that would serve to celebrate these individuals, I attended an art show. I was struck by the atmosphere of joy and sharing. I was moved by the emotion generated by the works themselves. But most of all, I felt the acceptance and lack of judgement that was demonstrated by all the participants and attendees who were there to learn, to communicate and to feed their souls,” Adebar said.

The event showcased an array of pieces donated by SOURCES clients and staff, and our artistic friends in the community.

insideOUT was open to the public with entry by donation. Many curious passersby and onlookers entered the studio and stayed the whole evening.

“People were brought together through art. We even had activities that attendees could work on in collaboration. The diverse pieces sparked an overall positive energy, and guests and participants exchanged meaningful dialogue,” said Adebar.

With the auctioned off pieces and the raffle draw for Peter Klemm’s Spanish Banks at Eventide (which was won by Ms. Poppy  – congratulations!), a total of $1,600 was fundraised.

Thank you to all the attendees who showed their support and interest for enhancing social wellness in our community through the arts. Also, thank you to all the SOURCES staff, clients and our artistic friends in the community who generously donated their art for the auction. And of course, thank you, Yvonne, for kick-starting Community Living Month at SOURCES.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

To see full-sized photos from the event, please click here.