How To Build Your Team; Volunteer Together

“Volunteering as a team is a great way to learn more about colleagues, while building collaboration and teamwork,” said Nicole Cohen of Rogers Communications.

The majority of Canadians would prefer a job with a company that has a strong volunteering culture over one that does not (IPSOS Public Affairs). It’s also no longer enough to give employees time off to volunteer—young workers are looking to their employer to help connect to volunteer opportunities.

IPSOS Public Affairs states that 60% of Canadians would volunteer more if it was organized by their employer. Luckily, there are numerous charitable organizations that help employers organize corporate volunteering, including Sources.

Sources Volunteer Services Manager, Carrie Belanger, encourages organizations to reach out and get involved with the community through volunteering. There are many ways to contribute, such as gardening projects, painting projects, food sorting, building repairs and renovations, and special events, to name a few.

“There are so many other great projects to help with to make our operations run smoothly and be welcoming for everybody,” Belanger said. Earlier this year, Together We Can – Addiction Recovery & Education Society volunteered their time at the Sources Stayte House (Residential Program) and Envision Financial at Sources Women’s Place helping with laborious maintenance work. MNP also volunteered their time to help build the “Food For Thought”- Community Garden at the Sources White Rock/South Surrey Food Bank.


Not only do volunteers help Sources—there are many benefits for those volunteering as well.

Giving back to the community and helping those in need are very rewarding, plus it is a smart investment for businesses. Volunteer opportunities are a great way to strengthen trust between employees as well as with their employer. It allows coworkers to connect with each other on a personal level that is less common in the office. This then translates into the workplace to create an environment where employees are more engaged in their daily work through unity and the development of strong teamwork skills. By volunteering, employees feel that they are making a greater impact—not simply fulfilling repetitive tasks. Increased engagement directly impacts the bottom line, resulting in increased revenue (Harvard Business Review).

Finally, according to a Gallup survey, the millennial generation values other things in addition to a high salary. Along with growth opportunities and development, opportunities to give back in tangible ways sit atop the list. With young generations becoming more socially conscious, they want to leave their world better than they found it.

The Experience

Recently, a team from Rogers Communications volunteered with SOURCES to help clean up our Women’s Place Resource Centre. They spent about 2.5 hours shoveling and hauling 1,600 lbs. of dirt and wood to be picked up and taken away. This was an extremely laborious task and so their time and efforts were very much appreciated.

“We at Rogers are always looking for ways to have a positive impact in our community. The Rogers Employee Volunteer Program was created to encourage and support employee volunteer activities which serve the communities in which we live and work,” said Nicole Cohen of Rogers Communications.

What are you waiting for? You now know about the benefits of employer-supported volunteering and how easy it is to volunteer with SOURCES. There is nothing stopping you.

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