Canada D’Eh at Sources Life Skills

Sources Life Skills Resource Centre staff and clients gathered on June 29, 2017 to commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday with their very first Canada Day Dance and Celebration. Having a reputation for hosting fun, engaging and meaningful get-togethers, this was a party not to be missed.

The night commenced with smiling staff distributing temporary tattoos to attendees adorned in Canadian colours. Tucked away in a corner amidst the sea of red and white clothing was a photo booth where participants could get snapshots taken with their friends and loved-ones. In fact, party-goer Shay said he “was really looking forward to it.” In another corner was a kitchen fully stocked with delicious snacks – assembled, of course, in a very Canadian fashion – chips in red bowls, cupcakes topped with mini Canadian flags, and goodies perched on maple leaf plates.

With the welcome music fading out, Day Program supervisor Julie MacDonald gave a warm welcome to all the party-goers. Together, they briefly discussed what it means to be Canadian. Perks such as being able to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity, the beautiful scenery, and living in a land of openness were some of their reflections. In line with this sentiment, everyone then rose to sing the national anthem.

Then, as if someone had just pulled a rabbit out of a hat, magicians Ling Ling and the Great Marrdini stunned the crowd with their show. Tricks such as pulling countless amounts of coins from the back of audience members’ ears, making tennis and ping pong balls appear out of nowhere, and untying the world’s hardest knot were a few of the impressive acts the two shared. Andrea, an attendee who had numerous coins pulled out of her ear, said it was “her favourite part of the night.”

Followed by a snack session, the floor was cleared, and participants took to the dance floor – some were already dancing at their tables because the music was so contagious! While the tunes were instrumental in making all attendees happy, it was ultimately the good company that made this Canada Day Dance and Celebration an event to remember. To preserve the spirit of Canada 150, MacDonald says:

“All summer long we’ve hired a summer student specifically to celebrate Canada 150 … We’re keeping the decorations up until mid-August, so we have events every single week, and this is kicking off our celebration of Canada 150.”

We wish you a wonderful Canada Day! Make it a day to remember, eh?